About Us

A win-win for everyone involved

-Go that last mile - efficiently and at a price you negotiate with our network of couriers

-Epifruit provides a marketplace based solution to delivering your goods the last mile.   

-We deliver the goods, so you can focus on what you do best.
How it works

Affordable delivery care services for everyone!

At Epifruit we are creating a market based platform that connects individuals and businesses to achieve a delivery. Our goal is to help maximize the efficiency, cash flow, and atmosphere for both parties involved with ‘last mile’ delivery. We believe our dedication to both sides of the transaction process will maximize the benefits for everyone.
  • Book a local delivery
    Book a local delivery today through our website or app. Describe delivery needs. Please let us know if goods are fragile, heavy, or need special attention so that we can care for them accordingly.
  • Set a price
    Set a minimum to maximum price you are willing to pay.
  • Select bids
    Select bids from couriers close by who accept. You can also select couriers based on ratings, location, or mode of transport.
  • Get real-time tracking
    Get real-time tracking of your goods. Please provide exact location of delivery to ensure better delivery results. We will notify you when they successfully reach their destination and will send you an e-signature confirmation.

Contact Info

  • Phone: +1-(800) 284-2635
  • Email: contact@epifruit.com