Businesses FAQ's

A market based platform that connects businesses to independent contractors who will help the business fulfill customer orders and requests by delivery. The job is created by the business, and the price is determined by the two parties together, with the business having final say on who his or her driver is.

Every EpiFruit business or EpiFruit business partner should reach out to customer service in case of an emergency or something isn't proper with there delivery order. Here are instances where an additional expense would be incurred to the business: if the driver is picking up more than the order details provided to them--for every extra product-the additional cost is $3 per item to the retailer cancellation fee of $5 applies to business for the following: - if the driver is 5/6 of the way to you, and a business cancels - if driver has to return to the store with goods because unable to fulfill delivery due to customer not available - if a driver has to shift mid drive to another address - if a business cancels order after it's been picked up

Please reach out to customer service about your disputes and we will handle accordingly. Thank you

At EpiFruit we guarantee up to $100 in damage or lost goods. Please present your case to the EpiFruit Support team and we'll be glad to help you out. Please note if a product is signed for by the business and by the customer the job is considered completed to full satisfaction and we cannot provide any funds.

At EpiFruit our goal is to guarantee the satisfaction of both parties. We suggest when providing order details, that the business not only place the order details of what's going out including the customers name, but also include the quantifiable amount of the total receipt under "receipt price." This will solidify your case with any on-going disputes on your end if that ever may be the case.

New York City Area (Manhattan)

No delivery time can be guaranteed as each driver selected by the retailer will have different locations-it's ultimately up to the retailer to decide who he or she chooses. Each business will have an understanding of who they are choosing, the price of the drive, the mode of transportation, and how far each EpiFruit partner is from the location of the business.

For the time being we are not able to fulfill cash deliveries as we cannot guarantee the return of cash. We are a market place and putting two parties together, however, our goal is to ultimately create an environment where both sides thrive, and cash deliveries would be too big of a liability to help facilitate.

The EpiFruit partner will follow the instructions you provide and deliver in that manner. The item can be left with intended recipient or doorman if applicable (business needs to require that direction if the case)

EpiFruit partners can carry up to 4 bags depending on there mode of transportation. An EpiFruit partner on bike can deliver items up to 30 pounds. A Delivery partner via car can deliver items up to 50 pounds. You may not deliver the following: • People or animals • illegal items • dangerous items • stolen items • any items that pertain to personal use EpiFruit partners reserve the rights to decline any orders on site if they see it against the ethics and code of EpiFruit. Please follow up with customer service if you'd like to clear up any issues pertaining to this.

If a driver explains that he is unable to fulfill the order for whatever reason on site, feel free to reach out to customer service or add another job posting on the platform and we will help facilitate another driver for you. A driver's cancellation puts the job back on the market automatically. However, if the job is exceeding the job market application-please request for another driver on the portal and we will help facilitate it on our end.

Please reach out to customer service immediately if your experience with the drive is unsatisfactory from beginning to end in anyway, and if there's something that requires immediate attention please notify the authority, and we will do everything in our power to help facilitate all the information on our end.

Partner FAQ's

EpiFruit requires two signatures: 1) at pickup by the business to signify that the product description is in fact been picked up and on the move to the customer 2) at delivery by the customer to signify the end of the transaction. if signatures are not taken by EpiFruit partner they are 100% liable for anything pertaining to chargebacks or fraudulent deliveries. If unable to deliver because an individual isn't available please contact the EpiFruit Business Partner via the app to ask for direction. Please contact customer service as well to signify issues pertaining to the drive so we can act accordingly.

Safety is a big priority for all EpiFruit member. If something occurs along the drive that seems unsafe, feel free to reach out to customer service immediately and we can direct accordingly. If it's of immediate concern, feel free to call the authority to act accordingly, and we will do our part in help providing information pertaining to the drive to anyone that needs.

Each party is rated after a transaction is completed. Feel free to anonymously leave what your take was on the other party so both parties have accountability for there attitudes and actions going forward

We express that cancellations after a job is accepted by an EpiFruit Partner is frowned upon. With that said we understand situations can occur. If that's the case, please feel free to hit the cancel button. If after numerous cancellations are done on the drivers end, there account can come up for review on how to proceed with there active EpiFruit account. Our goal is to create a community that has integrity at the top of the list. Please reach out if there are questions or concerns to customer service.

Please reach out to customer service if the following occurs: • No recipient is available at the end of the drive • EpiFruit business tries to change the job details mid drive • Do not feel comfortable with the job details at pickup • Dispute with the business of any kind • If need to abandon an active job for any reasons

Please follow the map built into the application as far as directions go. If you have questions at the end of destination such as 1) no one available at end destination, 2) not the proper address, 3) any other concerns feel free to reach out to customer service and the retailer

For every dollar you make, you earn a point. A system is in place where after a certain amount of points you begin to receive credit/cash back. Feel free to reach out with customer service to understand the details

Any detected fraud that occurs on the EpiFruit platform will result in immediate termination from the EpiFruit platform, and the appropriate authorities being notified if necessary. We have a zeo tolerance policy for fraud, and have built a platform that is solely based on trust for our retail customers and delivery partners. What activities are classified as fraud - • Picking up a delivery without the attention of delivering the item • Delivering a partial item (ex- Receive 2 bags of goods and only deliver 1) • Claiming damage or loss to an item that may be falsified • Creating fake accounts in order to take advantage of the EpiFruit reward and credit system • Recording a completed job in the EpiFruit app without completing the delivery

If a refund occurs that pertains to your drive, the driver is obligated to pay that back if he or she is at fault

Any goods that get either damaged or lost on your watch from pickup to destination, the driver is obligated and fully responsible to returning that money to the platform.

It is required if a contractor makes $600 or above to receive a 1099 form. If applicable, EpiFruit will provide you with a 1099 via email