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We Need Partners Like You, Join Us Now!

Our goal is to provide you with income to help satisfy your everyday needs and the flexibility to earn it. When you’re available, just open the app and you’ll start to view delivery jobs close by. You will be given information about the job such as where the pickup and drop off points are, who the business is, and how much and how heavy the delivery is expected to be. You will also help determine the price for the delivery. We want to help make this work best for you.

Getting Started

Set your Own Schedule

Work as many hours you want, whenever you want.  Simply turn the app on as to when you’re available to start receiving alerts of deliveries close by for pick-up in your neighborhood.

Set Your Own Mode of Transportation

You can chose to work as many hours as possible or simply make some extra money on your way to work, school, or wherever you're already going.
  • Subway/Bus
  • Bike
  • Walk
  • Car

Negotiate and accept a price that works for you

With Epifruit’s marketplace solution, retailers will place orders with a price of the minimum to the maximum they are willing to pay for the delivery.  You can accept the minimum price or respond with a higher price.  Your bid will be received by the retailer who will then decide who they select.  If you are chosen, you will be alerted that your bid was accepted.  You will then confirm with the retailer and make the delivery.

Business Benefits

  • peace of mind experience
  • access to 1000 of couriers
  • can expand there delivery zone limitless
  • determine there driver, determine the price, and have full control and transparency through the process
  • inexpensive service fee of 15% off the price agreed to by business and driver
  • will lead to higher sales, profit, and efficiency in the shop

Contact Info

  • Phone: +1-(800) 284-2635
  • Email: contact@epifruit.com